Spyderkeys - Also Known as Hummingbirds - Made in the early 1990's they are still the smallest locking Spyderco folder
Photgraphed pearched on a standard beer bottle cap to illustrate how small they are..

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In addition to the eight versions currently in my collection, the regular Spyderkey was also available in plain
stainless steel.  There was also a tie clip version, offered in stainless steel, abalone, and stag.
Some time back, Joyce Laituri of Spyderco provided this list of Spyderkey and Mini-Mariner Variants and their 1991 MSRP
3002A Abalone MSRP $64.95
3002ATC Abalone Tie Clip MSRP $48.95
3002B Black Lip Pearl Oyster MSRP $64.95
3002C Corianne (white/grey speckled) MSRP $51.95
3002P Mother of Pearl MSRP $64.95
3002Q Quince MSRP $44.95
3002RB Red Bone MSRP $50.95
3002S Stag MSRP $59.95
3002SS Stainless Steel MSRP $37.95
3002STC Stag Tie Clip MSRP $51.95
3002 Tie Clip (stainless steel) MSRP $39.95
3002W Cocobolo MSRP $48.95
Mini Mariners: All had sheepsfoot, non-locking blades that are approx. 1/2". This thing is TINY.
3001A Abalone necklace W/ chain MSRP $49.95
3001SS Stainless MSRP $43.95