Delica Family
Delica - Standard - Salt I - Pirka - Endura - Pacific Salt - Ladybug I
C76 - 25th Anniversary Model, saber ground VG-10 plain edge blade, jigged bone scales,
Ed Schempp "spider" pattern damascus bolsters, one of 500 made.
C11 - All stainless steel version with hollow ground AUS-6 plain edge blade
Custom engraved by British master engraver Marcus A. Hunt, one of a kind.
C11 - All stainless steel version with hollow ground AUS-6 plain edge blade
Bloody Basin Jasper onlay with nickel silver bear and filework border by Brian Yellowhorse, one of 200
C11, saber ground VG-10 plain edge blade, carbon fiber handles, left hand model, one of 150
C11 - Titanium - hollow ground ATS-34 plain edge blade, titanium handles. These were made for and are available only  in the Japanese Market.
C11 - All stainless steel version, hollow ground AUS-6 plain edge blade,  factory laser engraved
C11 -  blue FRN handle,  hollow ground ATS-55 plain edge blade
C11 -  pink FRN handle,  hollow ground ATS-55 spyder edge blade
C11 - All stainless steel version, hollow ground AUS-6 plain edge blade
Engraved soft metal "onlay", probably from Mexico or S.E. Asia, on one side only
Latest version - Generation 4 - Grey FRN handle, Waved VG-10 blade
Another Generation 4 - Blue FRN handle, ZDP-189 Plain Edge blade
Another Generation 4 - Forest Green FRN handle, VG-10 Combo Edge blade
Closed views of both sides of the M. A. Hunt engraved Delica
Note that, unlike most custom engraving seen on Spyderco knives, this is not done with "onlays".
The engraving is cut directly into the steel of the handles themselves.  
At my request the clip was removed and its mounting holes filled in prior to engraving.
The shot below should put the rumors of it being a "safe queen" to rest.
Interesting story here.  These knives were made by Spyderco, exclusively for a Japanese chain named
Mont-Bell, which happens to have stores in the USA as well.  They were not suppose to be sold in the US,
but apparently Mont-Bell made a mistake and some were sent here, and sold. 
Standard and Economy Standard
Above - Top to Bottom
G10 Standard ATS-55 plain edge
Economy Standard AUS-6 plain edge
Stainless Standard AUS-6 plain edge

The Economy and all Stainless Standard are diffult to tell apart when viewed from the left side, as in the picture above.  When viewed from the right, as in the picture below, the differences are more obvious.   The right handle of the economy is comprised of two layers of steel, a thicker inner layer and a fairly thin outer one.  The clip, rather than being a separate part held on by screws, is integral with the outer handle layer.   An interesting attempt at cost control, but not particularly practical as a damaged clip, not an unheard of occurrence,  is impossible to replace. 

Endura - Pacific Salt - Salt I

The Endura (top) is the 3.75" bladed "big brother" of the 3" bladed Delica,  Both were introduced at about the same time to give users a choice of blade lengths in an otherwise similar package.  While I do not currently have any in my collection, FRN versions of the Endura with both integral plastic clips and the newer barrel bolt mounted metal clips do exist.   The one above is all stainless, with an AUS-6 plain edged blade.

The Salts are a recent addition to the Spyderco lineup.  The Pacific Salt (middle) and the Salt I (bottom) are blunt tipped versions of  the Endura and Delica respectively.  They feature blades of H1,  a new and extremely rust resistant steel.

Ladybug I

The LadyBug is the smallest member of the Delica family and is intended for use on a key ring.