Engraved Knives
Trio of Marcus Hunt Engraved Knives

The Delica and Kiwi were commissioned by me, the holes for the clip screws on the Delica were filled by a gunsmith prior to the engraving work to allow full coverage on both sides without distraction.  The outline of the engraved panel on the Kiwi replicates the shape of the scales on the bolster and scales version, creating a "faux bolster" effect.  In both cases, aside from specifying degree of coverage and the general type of engraving I desired, I left the details of pattern to the artist.   The Ed Schemmp 75mm Persian was engraved and gold inlaid by Marcus and auctioned on eBay, where I was fortunate enough to see and purchase it. 

Kopa Scrimmed by Linda Karst-Stone

The beautiful scrimshaw work on this was a gift to me from Sal Glesser, who wanted to demostrate how well the Evrina Kopa took scrimshaw.  I asked for an owl, and left the actual design to the artist.  Evrina is an imitation ivory developed in Japan after environmental concerns made it difficult to obtain elephant ivory.  Japanese businessmen traditionally use stamps made of ivory with designs cut in it to sign documents. After the fall of the Soviet Union, considerable quantities of mammoth ivory became available, and the need for Evrina as an ivory substitute was eliminated.  

Antonio Montejano Engraved Stainless Kiwi