Executive - Spur - Hunter - ProHunter - ProVenator - ProGrip - Stretch

Above - Top to Bottom
C90 - Stretch VG-10 - latest addition to the Hunter Family
C13 ProGrip FRN Version - Integral Clip AUS-8
C13- ProVenator (Early) GIN-1 (marked G2)
Ironstone Hunter GIN-1 (marked G2)  ProVenator style blade in Hunter handle
C03 -  Hunter (Later Model) GIN-1 (marked G2)
C03 - Hunter (Very Early  LH version) GIN-1  ??? (unmarked)
(Note the unchamfered handle edge and lack of lanyard hole.)
C32 - Spur VG-1010
C04 - Executive GIN-1  ??? (unmarked)
Above   -  Top to Bottom
C13 - Gary Blanchard "Wolf" ProVenator GIN-1 (marked G2)
C13 - Gary Blanchard "Eagle" ProVenator GIN-1 (marked G2)
C13 - Cocobolo ProVenator (made for Japanese market) GIN-1
C13 - ProGrip VG-10 - customized with Spyderco "bug" by previous owner
C13 - ProVenator (Early) GIN-1 (marked G2)
C33 - FRN Pro-Grip AUS-8
Above and Below - customized Stretch with brown canvas micarta inlays added by Chase Axinn
Another customized Stretch, this one completely rebuilt, with titanium liners and brown canvas micarta scales by Steve Rice (STR on the forums).  This one is going straight into my pocket!  It's about 3/4 oz. lighter than the stock version and a tad thicker.  Blade, lockbar, backstrap and lock spring were reused.  Lockup is rock solid.  Dimples were added, at my request, for a more secure grip when opening the knife.