UK and DK Pen Knives
I have seriously mixed, almost conflicting, emotions about these two.    On the one hand, they represent a laudible effort on the part of Spyderco to produce knives geared to the specialized needs of Great Britain and Denmark.  And, since part of my hertiage is Danish, there is some connection to that as well.  They are also very well made knives that can proudly wear the Spyderco name. 
 On the other, darker side, they represent, at least to some extent, a concession to, and an admission of defeat by, the forces of "political correctness" and blissful ignorance.  My fear is that sooner or later, these same forces may prevail here in the USA as well.  
The UK Pen Knife, topmost below meets the British requirements for legal carry.  It is a non-locking folder with a sub 3" blade.
The DK Pen Knife below it meets Denmarks even more restrictive laws with a sub 70mm non-locking blade and the Spyderco trademark "round hole" partially filled to prevent one hand opening.