Cricket Wegner Mouse C39 Mini Dyad CoPilot Pegasus Navigator Dragonfly
Meerkat Baby Horn Executive / Spur Kiwi Kopa C35 Q C22 Michael Walker
C27 Jess Horn Worker Goddard Jr Howard Viele Jr Calypso Jr Snap-It Standard
Salt 1 Delica Rookie Harpy Hunter C34 / C38 Jess Horn Scorpius
.Native III Rescue Jr UK Penknife Blackhawk Peter Herbst Lum Chinese Remote Release
Native Trakker/Ocelot Stretch Schempp Persian C67 - R C44 Dyad Rescue
Pacific Endura Mariner/Paramedic C24 Renegade C54 Calypso Spyderhawk Shabaria
J D Smith Massad Ayoob Goddard Manix Chinook II Ramco Laguiole Police
Civilian Military Tiny Spydercos . Spyderfly SpyderCard SpyderRench
Click on any name and the knife will display in this frame.  All pictures were shot at the same distance, so they are are all the same scale.  You can compare sizes of any three models by opening one in this frame and one in each of the other two frames.   Click on the picture to return to this Menu, so you can compare other models.