In addtion to knives and sharpeners, Spyderco, like many manufacturers, has produced both useful and decorative items emblazoned with its name, logo, or both.  Some of these have, in themselves, become collectable.  I coined the name "Spydercobilia" to cover this category of Spyderco collectibles.

BELOW - Brass Spyderco Belt Buckle
Spyderco Hat Badges & Employee Tie Tac
Note: The gold Navaja in the upper left is not a Spyderco pin.
Spyderco Dealer Catalog Covers - 1998 - 2000 - 2003
Spyderco "All God's Critters Have Knives" - Dealer Poster - '98 Dealer Catalog - T-Shirt
"All God's Critters" poster again, with older red Spyderco T-Shirt and black Baseball Cap
Spyderco T-Shirt also came in black, this is what the back looks like (same design on back of red one)