Spyderco WTC Knife
  The Spyderco WTC Knife is a special version of their D'Allara Rescue which was named for Officer John D'Allara of the NYPD, an avid Spyderco enthusiast and one of those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001. It was done to commenmorate the heroism of all who made the ultimate sacriific responding to tha heinous attack on the World Trade Center and to raise funds to benefit their families.  
  The inlay in the handle is steel, in the shape of the pre 9-11 New York skyline, cut from a section of girder retrieved from World Trade Center Tower One, While the inlay is the most easily spotted differce between the WTC Knife and the regular production D'Allara Rescue, there are others as well. Unlike the regular production D'Allara, which used VG-10 steel and was built in Japan, the WTC Knife was built in Golden with a blade of CPM S30V. The wooden box which came with them has the same NYC skyline burned into it. The first of them were shipped in March, 2003.  
  All the proftis from the sale of the WTC Knife were donated to to the New York Police and Fire Widow's and Children's Benefit Fund. The original intent was to produce a total of 2819 numbered knives, one for every life lost that day. But the exact number of them is unknown since, unfortunately, they were not all purchased.  
  I suspect there were several factors responsible for that. One of those may have been Spyderco's decision to sell the knives directly, at full MSRP, rather than through their dealers. While that increased the profit margin on each sale, and thus the potential contribution to the Fund, it also limited awareness of the knife's existence and purpose by those for whom the internet is not at a regular soruce of information. I also suspect that some may have had mixed emotions about owning such an intimate reminder of that awful event.  
Never forget, never forgive!